Aug 20 2007


Shelley and Lena - PT

Tummy Time on the Yoga Ball BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, We have had a very busy week. I truly do mean to post almost everyday but sometimes my intentions are better than my time management, buy Epivir without a prescription. Buy Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Twins. What more can I say, buy cheap Epivir. Where can i order Epivir without prescription, So lets see... We left off with our trip to the ER last weekend, it's becoming a weekend habit for our little girl, we are going to have to nip it in the bud really quick, BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Too much stress for her Mommy, ordering Epivir online, Order Epivir no prescription, but we'll get to that later.

After our little trip to the ER last weekend we had a very good week, Epivir price, coupon, Purchase Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, health wise. We spent the early part of the week at home keeping busy accomplishing not much more than laundry, fast shipping Epivir. Order Epivir online c.o.d, On Wednesday, we had a PT/OT appointment, online buy Epivir without a prescription. BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, We saw our regular PT (Shelley), our OT (Laura) is still on summer holidays. Buy Epivir from mexico, I love going to these appointments. These ladies are amazing, purchase Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT prescription. Real brand Epivir online, They see improvements that I don't really notice until we're there and they always make me feel good about the girl's development (though it is defiantly behind). They are always so positive, Epivir over the counter. I swear they have extra arms too.., BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Order Epivir from United States pharmacy, they can always hold the girls in a certain position with all limbs supported and still hold a toy for them to play with. Anyways.., order Epivir online overnight delivery no prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Epivir online, Shelley had not seen the girls for about 4 weeks because she had been on holidays. Boy was she impressed, kjøpe Epivir på nett, köpa Epivir online. BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Especially with Miss Lena. Epivir for sale, Lena's head support/control has improved dramatically in the last month. Even I noticed that, fast shipping Epivir. Epivir price, coupon, She still can't turn her head side to side when she is flat on her back though, which is causing a head shape issue, where can i order Epivir without prescription. Buy Epivir online cod, Shelley also said that Lena's tone is her legs seems to have improved and she's not clenching her left hand as much as she used too. (I noticed this immediately after surgery).  She is also tracking with her eyes much better too, BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Tummy time is still an issue, purchase Epivir, Buy Epivir without a prescription, but we are getting better.

Shelley thinks Kassie is the greatest, australia, uk, us, usa. Where can i buy Epivir online, Everyone does really. She is always happy and smiling, buy Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Buy Epivir from canada, her huge smile just warms your heart. BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, She is a ham. Shelley says that Kassie is going to be ready to sit all by herself soon, buy no prescription Epivir online. Where to buy Epivir, Neglectant Mommy had not noticed how well she had been sitting supported. All she needs is a tiny little bit of pressure on her back so she doesn't fall over to the right, order Epivir no prescription. Buy cheap Epivir, Yeah. a huge milestone, BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Now we just have to work on Lena, order Epivir from mexican pharmacy. Buying Epivir online over the counter, Then we can have tea parties.

Lena really like to be in the sitting position because then she can control her head better, so I think as soon as she gains more control of her head we will have two sitting super stars, buy Epivir without prescription. Ordering Epivir online, Shelley really made me fell better about our gross motor development on Wednesday. The girls still can not roll over, Epivir samples, Epivir from canadian pharmacy, front to back or back to front. BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, She said she doesn't care if they do or when they do. Sitting and standing are much more important and the rolling thing will come as they gain more upper-body strength from doing all of these other things. What a relief I kinda thought since rolling was the first milestone" that we needed to accomplish that first. I was beginning to think we were going to be stuck in this rut for a long time.

At the end of our appointment we discussed Lena's head shape and whether we thought is is delaying her development. I think is really is and Shelley tends to agree with me, BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. We have been trying to different positional things but Lena just won't tolerate them long enough to make a difference and we are running out of soft bone time. So we are headed to the "head shape clinic" in Edmonton Alberta for an assessment later this week. Lucky us, we might get to wear a very expensive fiberglass hat for awhile. There is no clinic like this in Saskatchewan because our government has deemed it purely cosmetic and does not cover any of the costs. BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, So if we decide to go ahead (which we probably will because I think the girls should have every opportunity to excel) we are stuck with the $1000+ bill for the hat and all travel and accommodation costs. Did I mention we will have to make the 5.5 hour drive very 2-3 weeks. The good news is that due to Lena's CP diagnosis, she is covered under special government programming and since her CP is a contributing factor, not just cosmetics, I may be able to convince them to pay for the hat, we will have to apply to local charities for funding for all of the travel.

So I came home and got an appoinment at the clinic for Monday (today). The whole family was going to come and make mini vacation out of the trip since our real vacation had to be cancelled due to brain surgery.  The rest of the week was spent tidying the house, doing odd jobs, making sure Kassie ear infection had cleared up and finally finishing the porch construction that Wayne started at the beginning of summer (its beautiful by the way, he did a great job).

We were all set to leave early Monday morning, until Lena decided to make another trip to the ER on Sunday...

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    We have been on vacation and haven’t had access to a computer… Boy have we missed those smiling faces.

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