Nov 30 2007


PJ Tummy Time!

BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, It goes without saying November had not been a good blogging month. I have felt really busy but looking back I do not understand why. Where can i find Stromectol online, If I felt that busy in November I am really beginning to dread December. For those of you who are counting there are only 24 days left until Christmas (according to the Facebook Christmas countdown). YIKES, rx free Stromectol.

So were did I leave off in the story of our lives.., BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Oh yes I told you all about our little adventure with the pressure sore and emergency surgery. Stromectol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Well after taking off the bandage from that surgery I didn't really like the looks of the wound so, knowing that our surgeon was leaving town for three weeks very shortly I called and let him know. Of course being the awesome Dr that he is insisted that I bring her in to see him before he left, purchase Stromectol. So I carted little Lena back to the ER once again so that he could have a look at it. BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, This was the 12th. Stromectol over the counter, All was good but he was a little concerned that she may develop some skin breakdown and asked me to be extra careful. The following morning, minutes before getting on a plane he called to let me know he had made arraignments for her to see a plastic surgeon "just in case", buying Stromectol online over the counter. So off we went again, Fast shipping Stromectol, back to the hospital to see another Dr. in the clinic. The good news - he said the wound looked good and that he thought it would heal fine on its own, to be safe he asked our OT to create a donut to keep her off of it for awhile, BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Yeah, Stromectol price, coupon.

Thursday came and we spent just about our entire PT and OT session creating a "just for Lena" donut type pressure cushion for her head. Where can i buy cheapest Stromectol online, I love all of the staff at the Kinsmen Children's Center in Saskatoon they are so great with the girls. They go out of their way to help us all the time. BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, they truly LOVE my little angels.

So we were all set to heal beautifully and life was grand for a few days, real brand Stromectol online. Then Sunday night came and Little Lena had a very restless sleep. Buy cheap Stromectol no rx, Therefore, so did Mommy. Monday morning came and she seemed okay, buy Stromectol online cod. As the day progressed she got more and more miserable, BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. After all the trouble we had had I decided it was best to take her back the the hospital. Where can i order Stromectol without prescription, Of course she was relatively happy with a little grumpy on the side when we got there, not miserable like she was at home. The ER Dr, australia, uk, us, usa. was one we had seen before and was therefore aware of Lena's history (in fact he was the one that was there when we came in in the ambulance). BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, She got a good once over and we decided that was probably uncomfortable because she hadn't had a poop in a day or so. Where can i find Stromectol online, So he gave her a suppository, she did her thing and he sent us home (she was now smiling and playing). He said he would have been grumpy too and to come back if she got worse or I became worried again, ordering Stromectol online. Relieved but still uneasy we went home. Order Stromectol no prescription,

Tuesday she was grumpy ALL DAY LONG. My dad came over to help me with the girls, boy was I glad he was there, BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. I was anxious all day. I called every Dr's office I could think off, online buying Stromectol hcl. Then I finally got a little gutsy and called the hospital and asked them to page the neurosurgery resident that I knew from our marathon stay. Buy generic Stromectol, I told him what was going on and we agreed that if she remained irritable for more than two days or if she began vomiting I should bring her back. BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, No less than an hour later she vomited all over me. (My dad was just about to go home too). I have never changed a baby and packed so fast in my life, Stromectol from canadian pharmacy. Dad, Stromectol price, coupon, Lena, Kassie and I were on our way to the hospital again (I am so sick of that place it is not even funny).

Once we were there I insisted on seeing a neurosurgeon, buy Stromectol no prescription. The pediatrician was different, we had never seen her before, but I liked her, BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. She told me she would assess her first. Purchase Stromectol, I frankly told her, okay but I'm not leaving before I see one. She smiled and agreed, comprar en lĂ­nea Stromectol, comprar Stromectol baratos. After examining her, Order Stromectol online c.o.d, I didn't need to argue, she thought there was definitely a problem with her shunt.   In the the CT scanner, an abdominal x-ray and way too many hours later we were admitted as a "shunt malfunction", purchase Stromectol online. BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, The only good news was that they did not think she had an infection "just" a blockage. (This was Tuesday)

Wednesday came around after a very long night with a very uncomfortable baby, Buy cheap Stromectol, and everyone assumed we would be having surgery that day. Wednesday was not a good day. I had a very large fight with a neurosurgery resident that did not believe her case was urgent enough to slip her in as an emergency operation, buy Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, instead she could wait until the Dr. Stromectol samples, covering for ours had OR time Thursday. However, she wanted to keep her NPO (nothing to eat or drink) just in case, BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Therefore she would need an IV for fluids. Another big fight ensued, canada, mexico, india, my daughter was not going to get poked repeatedly so that this lady could find out what the rest of her medical team (and all the nurse on the ward) already know, Stromectol over the counter, she has no IV access any more. The anesthesiologist has a hard enough time when she is knocked out in the OR never mind when she is awake. After many tears and some firm words, buy no prescription Stromectol online, an anesthesiologist call to the attending physician, Online buy Stromectol without a prescription, I won the battle. BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, No IV I could feed her and she would have a scheduled surgery in the morning. I was okay with that... until the evening when she began vomiting again from all the pressure in her head, where can i buy cheapest Stromectol online. Again we called the resident and again she some how determined that she was not emergent enough. Buy Stromectol from canada, At this point I asked her what was, her response... loss of consciousness, BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Great, real brand Stromectol online. We had more than 12 hours to wait for surgery and the only was we would get rushed in is if she lost consciousness and was near death. Fast shipping Stromectol, Very comforting. Needless to say I did not sleep much Wednesday night.

Thursday came and as promised we were the first surgical case of the day. BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I made sure my new favorite resident was not scrubbing in and resumed my position in the waiting area. All went well and just as suspected, where can i buy Stromectol online, the shunt valve (yes our brand new valve) was blocked. Buy Stromectol without prescription, So she got some replacement parts, and was as good as new by 3pm. My Little Lena is such a trooper, buying Stromectol online over the counter. The nurses and Drs can't believe how fast she bounces back from surgery.

Friday we went home, BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Ah what a good place to be. Saturday all was well then Sunday both girls woke up with a low grade fever. PANIC. I can't help it. BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Every time Lena has been ill we have been in hospital for one shut thing or another. The only thing keeping me together was that Kassie was warm too. Sunday night Lena vomited all over her bed. PANIC again. Then she got really happy, something she doesn't do when she is shunt vomiting. So I calmed down, I calmed Wayne down and we decided to see what would happen, BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Any more vomit and we were off to the ER. Monday morning came and there was more vomit, but this time it was from Kassie. A mother has never been happier to see a baby vomit. Yeah, we had a real illness, not a shunt thing. BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Though having two babies with the flu sucks it is far better than having one in the hospital. So we have just finished getting the entire family over the flu bug that had been invading our stomachs. What a great feeling. We have finally over come a real childhood illness without the help of the hospital. YEAH. (I know sounds pathetic but if you have preemies or special needs kids you will understand completely), BUY Stromectol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION.

It is now the last day in November and I guess I have really been dealing with one type of health problem or another almost all month. Very draining. On the bright side, because of Lena's heath problems this year and her need for oxygen post-op, we were approved for RSV shots this year. Here's hoping December is a better month. 

Happy Princess Lena!


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