Sep 06 2007


Playing at the Hospital - Feeling Better

Kassie Napping at the Hospital

EVD Clampped and Wrapped BUY Dicycloverine ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, The Good News - Lena's CT scan went very well today, again like the little trooper that she is, she did the whole scan completely awake. The surgeon came to see me afterward and said that it looks like the ventriculostomy is working and he is not planning on replacing her shunt, canada, mexico, india. Purchase Dicycloverine online, In stead he will place a small valve in it's place just in case she ever has problems, allowing them to drain off some CSF to relieve pressure, online buying Dicycloverine hcl. Rx free Dicycloverine, This valve can not get infected because it is small and does not constantly drain fluid. So once she recovers from surgery we should not ever have to endure this again (as long and the ostomy stays open), Dicycloverine from canadian pharmacy.

The Bad News - Though Lena's bacterial cultures are coming back negative, her protein and glucose levels are abnormal, suggesting that there are bacteria still hiding out in her CSF, BUY Dicycloverine ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Fast shipping Dicycloverine, Her protein levels are alarmingly high so this is a bit of a concern. So they want her to stay on antibiotics for some time to try and bring them down, buy generic Dicycloverine. Order Dicycloverine from United States pharmacy, We are not sure if the fluid from the cyst is altering the CSF and therefore the test results. So we stay on the drugs and wait and see if they come down or not, where can i order Dicycloverine without prescription. BUY Dicycloverine ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, As well, the surgeon needs to use complicated equipment to properly do the surgery and therefore needs scheduled OR time with his team. Comprar en línea Dicycloverine, comprar Dicycloverine baratos, Her surgery can not be "squeezed in". The earliest he could get OR time is next Friday, purchase Dicycloverine ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Where to buy Dicycloverine, one week from tomorrow. So we must endure for at least another ten days, buying Dicycloverine online over the counter. Dicycloverine price, coupon, There is some reprieve though, if Lena remains stable all weekend the surgeon is going to allow us to go home on a pass and just come back to the hospital once daily for her medication (the surgical team has to administer it into the EVD). 

Hoping for a GREAT weekend, real brand Dicycloverine online. Order Dicycloverine no prescription, I can't wait for this all to be over. By the time we are home for good we will have been in hospital for almost three weeks, buy Dicycloverine without prescription. Dicycloverine gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Yikes, September will be half over when we get out of here and we were admitted in August, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Buy cheap Dicycloverine no rx. Ordering Dicycloverine online. Buy Dicycloverine no prescription. Where can i find Dicycloverine online. Purchase Dicycloverine. Dicycloverine over the counter. Buy Dicycloverine from mexico. Buy Dicycloverine without a prescription. Order Dicycloverine online overnight delivery no prescription. Online buy Dicycloverine without a prescription. Order Dicycloverine online c.o.d. Buy cheap Dicycloverine. Dicycloverine for sale. Buy Dicycloverine online cod. Dicycloverine trusted pharmacy reviews. Dicycloverine samples. Kjøpe Dicycloverine på nett, köpa Dicycloverine online. Where can i buy cheapest Dicycloverine online. Where can i buy Dicycloverine online. Buy no prescription Dicycloverine online. Australia, uk, us, usa.

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  1. Pattion 10 Sep 2007 at 8:28 pm

    Has our little Lena got all of the nurses wrapped around her finger yet? She is so beautiful. Hugs and tiny kisses on her sweet little cheek from her Aunties Patti & Kelly.

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