Sep 04 2007


Lena with Shunt Externalized

Feeling Better BUY Albenza ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Once in the ER Lena was stabilized and a multitude of tests were preformed. The pediatrician on call suspected that  there could be a problem with her shunt however when he went to insert an IV and she was non responsive (she just looked at him and let him insert an IV into her hand, order Albenza online overnight delivery no prescription, Online buying Albenza hcl, no crying or flinching) he began to think that she was having or had just had a seizure. He consulted both the neurologist and the neurosurgeon on call, australia, uk, us, usa. Ordering Albenza online, The two teams decided that the most likely cause was her shunt die to the fact that she had recently had surgery. The resident on call came down to see her and she was given a CT scan and he withdrew some of her cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) from her shunt for testing, buy Albenza no prescription.

As we waited for the tests etc, BUY Albenza ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Where to buy Albenza, Lena slept in the ER. As she slept a deep sleep she began to have periods of extremely shallow breathing, where can i buy Albenza online, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, so much so that the monitor could not pick up the respirations and kept ringing off. After our tests the neurosurgeon and the pediatrician agreed that she should spend the night in pediatric intensive care (PICU) for two reasons: 1) they wanted her monitored closely in case she did stop breathing 2) in case she had another seizure they wanted it to be witnessed and recorded, order Albenza from United States pharmacy. Buy no prescription Albenza online, By the time she was settled in there for the night and I said good night it was just past 3am. BUY Albenza ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, The nurse promised to wake me if anything went wrong and that she would get me when she woke in the morning.

At 7am the nurse woke me to tell me that Lena was awake and that I could see her for a few minutes before shift change, buy Albenza online cod. Purchase Albenza online, She was finally crying when I saw her, nothing could have sounded better, Albenza over the counter. Where can i order Albenza without prescription, I had not heard her cry since before the ambulance ride the night before, not for an IV, buy Albenza without a prescription, Rx free Albenza, a catheter or blood work: scary.

Since that morning (Tuesday) we were transferred to the Pediatric Isolation unit down the hall, online buying Albenza hcl. Wednesday afternoon  we were told by Infectious Diseases that the CSF that was collected was indeed growing a Staph infection and that the protein levels of her CSF were very high resulting in thickened fluid and a blocked shunt, BUY Albenza ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Buying Albenza online over the counter, He also said that sue to the fact that the protein levels were so high he felt the infection would take so time to treat. Later that day I talked with the neurologist and he told me that he felt the seizure like activity that she was exhibiting was from changes in pressure within the compartments of her brain, comprar en línea Albenza, comprar Albenza baratos. Buy cheap Albenza, He felt that when we could control the infection the  activity would stop. Good News, Albenza for sale. BUY Albenza ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, On Thursday Lena's shunt was removed and externalized so that her CSF drains to the outside of her head into a reservoir were it can be measured and tested. Order Albenza online c.o.d, The neurosurgeon also uses this drainage system to insert antibiotics directly into the CSF.

After surgery Thursday Lena started exhibiting symptoms of seizures again, order Albenza no prescription. Albenza trusted pharmacy reviews, She would stare into space, her pupils became non-responsive, buy Albenza from mexico, Canada, mexico, india, her heart rate would increase and her oxygen saturation would drop drastically. All this would last a few seconds then it would be over and she would fall asleep for a few minutes, Albenza gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. All of these episodes happened at night, BUY Albenza ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Order Albenza from mexican pharmacy, Friday the neurologist was consulted again and he agreed to test her for seizures unrelated to pressures (eg epilepsy) so an EEG was arranged. Good news, online buy Albenza without a prescription, Where can i buy cheapest Albenza online, no epilepsy. Bad news not sure why she's having these episodes, real brand Albenza online. Buy Albenza without prescription, Then it occurred to me. BUY Albenza ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, During the day, her drain is clamped and unclamped and some pressure builds. At night her drain stays open and pressure is released, fast shipping Albenza. Purchase Albenza ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Maybe she needs more pressure to stay equalized. Saturday morning I suggested it to the surgeon and he agreed to try increasing her pressures at night, buy generic Albenza. Purchase Albenza, Magic no episodes all night long.

Lena is feeling much better, BUY Albenza ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. She is starting to act more like herself, australia, uk, us, usa, Albenza samples, she's even beginning to sleep less during the day. The nurse was astonished at how little she slept this afternoon, order Albenza online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy cheap Albenza no rx, She hasn't cried or been upset lately. Aside from all the tubing and monitors I finally have my baby back after 4 weeks of sickness, crying, vomiting and an ambulance ride. BUY Albenza ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, So now we wait for the infection to clear up. Every day they test her CSF. When the tests and bacterial cultures some back clear she will have to under go surgery again to remove the reservoir and possibly reinsert a shunt (we may not have to replace her shunt due to the third venticulostomy that was preformed during her last surgery). We will discuss those possibilities later in the week when HER neurosurgeon returns (we have had to go through all of this with his associate because he has been away).

So while we wait for test results to clear us of infection Lena and I are going crazy in our 10 x 10 hospital room while Kassie is at home with Wayne wondering were her Mommy and her Sister have gone. I have not been able to see her much in the last week with Lena being so sick and the stress of it all, BUY Albenza ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. I should be able to see her more this week though, Wayne was able to take another week of holidays so that he could stay home with her and visit with Lena. Thank goodness for a flexible job. Hopefully we will be out of here before next weekend. The infectious disease DR. BUY Albenza ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, thought she would need at least 7 days of intrathecal (in the CSF) antibiotics to clear the infection, they were started on Friday morning so... The unfortunate thing is that the CSF culture takes about 48 hours to grow and they want it to be 100% clear before putting her back together, so we will we two days behind so to speak. I hope she heals as fast this time as she has before so we can go home sooner than later.

That should brings us pretty much up to date. I will continue to post as our journey continues. Please keep our Little Lena in your thoughts and prayers (Kassie too, she can't quite figure out what is going on). Thanks for burning the candles for her Auntie Linda, your positive thoughts mean a lot to us. .

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  1. Auntie Lindaon 04 Sep 2007 at 9:46 am

    Look at those eyes, Korrina. OMG. No more of that half moon thing because of pressure and she has the most amazing heart-melting beautiful eyes. I’m sure she must be thinking it’s about darn time the doctors figured it all out.

    A lot of people look to self help gurus for inspiration. I don’t. Lena and Kassie are my heros.

    They show me how strong and how amazing we really can be when we don’t know what odds are or what ours are supposed to be.

    When I’m down or want to feel inspired, I come here and remind myself what it means to always persevere. Always.

    Love you all. You, too. You’re an incredible Mom.

    Auntie Linda

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