May 30 2008


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BUY Benadryl ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Oh Boy. Ordering Benadryl online, The Month of May has been crazy around here. It started off not too bad, buy Benadryl ONLINE WITHOUT prescription. Fast shipping Benadryl, It took a turn for the worse when we took a short 3 day trip to Edmonton on the 7th and went down hill from there. Call it a coincidence or Lena hates Edmonton, Benadryl from canadian pharmacy. We have only taken  the girls away from home twice, both times to Edmonton, BUY Benadryl ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Order Benadryl no prescription, The first time Lena became very ill with a shunt infection. After coming home we spent more than 5 weeks in the hospital battling a very nasty bug, Benadryl gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buying Benadryl online over the counter, You can read more about that ordeal starting here.  The second time, buy Benadryl from canada, Buy generic Benadryl, a few weeks ago, all was well when we left home, Benadryl trusted pharmacy reviews. BUY Benadryl ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, When we got to Edmonton the hotel had lost our reservation and as we discussed the matter with the hotel clerk, Lena started crying, hard. Benadryl over the counter, She never cries. We got a room and rushed her upstairs just in time for her to vomit all over me. Yeah, Benadryl price, coupon, Benadryl gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, an excellent start to our trip.

Long story short, purchase Benadryl ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Buy generic Benadryl, we had an awful "holiday" Lena was miserable to whole time. We even took her to the Children's hospital one night to rule out a shunt issue (after last time I wasn't taking chances). After 3 days of crying and general discomfort for all parties involved we came home and went straight to our hospital, Benadryl over the counter, Buying Benadryl online over the counter, where they know her.

May 7-10 Edmonton, crying and very upset when awake, BUY Benadryl ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION.

May 10 - Hospital to rule out shunt, online buying Benadryl hcl, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, nope, no shunt problem just a nasty virus, purchase Benadryl. Online buy Benadryl without a prescription, May 11th (Mother's day) - Lena breaks out in a body rash, back to the hospital (viral rash confirms last night's diagnosis), order Benadryl online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy Benadryl without prescription, Yep, I had my mother's day dinner with my Mom in the ER - pizza, kjøpe Benadryl på nett, köpa Benadryl online. Benadryl price, coupon, lenavirusrash.jpg

May 12th back to the hospital for repeat blood work, it wasn't so great on the 10th - by now she seems to be a bit better, Benadryl for sale, Benadryl trusted pharmacy reviews, not so irritable. BUY Benadryl ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Blood work still sucks, they consider admitting her but decide to wait two more days.

May 14th Lena is great, buy Benadryl ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Where to buy Benadryl, had lots of sleep and is herself again, blood work comes back almost normal, comprar en línea Benadryl, comprar Benadryl baratos, Where can i buy Benadryl online, I take a huge sigh of relief and boogie on out of the hospital.

May 13th Lena is great, order Benadryl no prescription, Where can i find Benadryl online, Kassie is great we go to PT in the morning. By noon Lena is miserable again, purchase Benadryl online. Order Benadryl online c.o.d, Yeah.

May 14th Now desperate, I call every Dr, BUY Benadryl ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. I can to find out why Lena is still miserable, buy cheap Benadryl no rx. Australia, uk, us, usa, We go to see our Neonatologist, Dr, canada, mexico, india. Benadryl from canadian pharmacy, Givelichian. Probably wasn't done with the virus, where can i buy cheapest Benadryl online, too much too soon. BUY Benadryl ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Fluids and rest. That night she slept 17 hours, woke up happy and has been great ever since.

This takes us to the May long weekend in Canada. For Christmas I got tickets to see the Phantom of the Opera in Saskatoon on the 17th. I love musicals and was very much looking forward to the night out. With Lena sick, I wasn't sure I would be able to go, BUY Benadryl ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. She woke up great on Saturday the 17th and stayed that way. As promised by bestest friend Leah and Faith babysat so that Wayne and I could go out. The girls were upset when we left but were otherwise great for their babysitters and we did our best to relax.  Really I tried, I think I may have even succeeded for awhile.


Side note: the Phantom is not bad but it is not the best musical I have ever seen. BUY Benadryl ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I enjoyed Miss Saigon and CATS much better.

The weekend also brought my birthday. I got to sleep all night long, and woke up to some very cute kids bearing gifts. Kassie was very excited to be part of the birthday action. Wayne and the girls bought me a beautiful white gold ring with three diamonds, one for each of them. I love it, BUY Benadryl ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION.


Leah stayed the weekend and we had some good girl time visiting, planting the garden, baking cookies and she even cleaned out the chicken coop. (yeah I know she's an angel) She really is great with the girls, she even got Kassie to wear her glasses. She now wears them more than she takes them off. Thanks Leah. BUY Benadryl ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, The girls have really done a lot of growing up this month. When I look at them they look so big, they definitely do not look like babies any more, they are toddlers now. Kassie wants to be into everything and she definitely has an opinion about things. She hates to be left alone and cries alligator tears whenever I have to leave the room and don't bring her with me. Lena has made some great improvements too. She is expressing herself more and is making some great progress in the gross and fine motor departments, BUY Benadryl ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. She pulls on the highchair handle to pull herself up and has started using her fingers to grab more. And for the drum roll.... she is very close to independent sitting. When she is not too tight she can now sit all by herself for a few moments, sometimes as long as a minute. Go Lena.


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  1. Beth Allenon 31 May 2008 at 4:38 am

    I am sorry to read that May was so rough! I hope better days are ahead! And I am happy to read that Lena is close to sitting alone!! :)

  2. Michelle Hon 04 Jun 2008 at 9:13 am

    Hi all! I’m so happy Val pointed me here – I’ve been wondering how you are all doing. You do have your hands full! They are beautiful girls and you have a beautiful family – god bless you all

  3. Leahon 13 Jul 2008 at 12:13 pm

    Aww shucks :)

    I will babysit my beautiful girls anytime, if I ever get out of Ft. Mac that is! Take care and hugs until I see you again.


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