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Aug 20 2007


Shelley and Lena - PT

Tummy Time on the Yoga Ball BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, We have had a very busy week. I truly do mean to post almost everyday but sometimes my intentions are better than my time management, buy Epivir without a prescription. Buy Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Twins. What more can I say, buy cheap Epivir. Where can i order Epivir without prescription, So lets see... We left off with our trip to the ER last weekend, it's becoming a weekend habit for our little girl, we are going to have to nip it in the bud really quick, BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Too much stress for her Mommy, ordering Epivir online, Order Epivir no prescription, but we'll get to that later.

After our little trip to the ER last weekend we had a very good week, Epivir price, coupon, Purchase Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, health wise. We spent the early part of the week at home keeping busy accomplishing not much more than laundry, fast shipping Epivir. Order Epivir online c.o.d, On Wednesday, we had a PT/OT appointment, online buy Epivir without a prescription. BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, We saw our regular PT (Shelley), our OT (Laura) is still on summer holidays. Buy Epivir from mexico, I love going to these appointments. These ladies are amazing, purchase Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT prescription. Real brand Epivir online, They see improvements that I don't really notice until we're there and they always make me feel good about the girl's development (though it is defiantly behind). They are always so positive, Epivir over the counter. I swear they have extra arms too.., BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Order Epivir from United States pharmacy, they can always hold the girls in a certain position with all limbs supported and still hold a toy for them to play with. Anyways.., order Epivir online overnight delivery no prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Epivir online, Shelley had not seen the girls for about 4 weeks because she had been on holidays. Boy was she impressed, kjøpe Epivir på nett, köpa Epivir online. BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Especially with Miss Lena. Epivir for sale, Lena's head support/control has improved dramatically in the last month. Even I noticed that, fast shipping Epivir. Epivir price, coupon, She still can't turn her head side to side when she is flat on her back though, which is causing a head shape issue, where can i order Epivir without prescription. Buy Epivir online cod, Shelley also said that Lena's tone is her legs seems to have improved and she's not clenching her left hand as much as she used too. (I noticed this immediately after surgery).  She is also tracking with her eyes much better too, BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Tummy time is still an issue, purchase Epivir, Buy Epivir without a prescription, but we are getting better.

Shelley thinks Kassie is the greatest, australia, uk, us, usa. Where can i buy Epivir online, Everyone does really. She is always happy and smiling, buy Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Buy Epivir from canada, her huge smile just warms your heart. BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, She is a ham. Shelley says that Kassie is going to be ready to sit all by herself soon, buy no prescription Epivir online. Where to buy Epivir, Neglectant Mommy had not noticed how well she had been sitting supported. All she needs is a tiny little bit of pressure on her back so she doesn't fall over to the right, order Epivir no prescription. Buy cheap Epivir, Yeah. a huge milestone, BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Now we just have to work on Lena, order Epivir from mexican pharmacy. Buying Epivir online over the counter, Then we can have tea parties.

Lena really like to be in the sitting position because then she can control her head better, so I think as soon as she gains more control of her head we will have two sitting super stars, buy Epivir without prescription. Ordering Epivir online, Shelley really made me fell better about our gross motor development on Wednesday. The girls still can not roll over, Epivir samples, Epivir from canadian pharmacy, front to back or back to front. BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, She said she doesn't care if they do or when they do. Sitting and standing are much more important and the rolling thing will come as they gain more upper-body strength from doing all of these other things. What a relief I kinda thought since rolling was the first milestone" that we needed to accomplish that first. I was beginning to think we were going to be stuck in this rut for a long time.

At the end of our appointment we discussed Lena's head shape and whether we thought is is delaying her development. I think is really is and Shelley tends to agree with me, BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. We have been trying to different positional things but Lena just won't tolerate them long enough to make a difference and we are running out of soft bone time. So we are headed to the "head shape clinic" in Edmonton Alberta for an assessment later this week. Lucky us, we might get to wear a very expensive fiberglass hat for awhile. There is no clinic like this in Saskatchewan because our government has deemed it purely cosmetic and does not cover any of the costs. BUY Epivir ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, So if we decide to go ahead (which we probably will because I think the girls should have every opportunity to excel) we are stuck with the $1000+ bill for the hat and all travel and accommodation costs. Did I mention we will have to make the 5.5 hour drive very 2-3 weeks. The good news is that due to Lena's CP diagnosis, she is covered under special government programming and since her CP is a contributing factor, not just cosmetics, I may be able to convince them to pay for the hat, we will have to apply to local charities for funding for all of the travel.

So I came home and got an appoinment at the clinic for Monday (today). The whole family was going to come and make mini vacation out of the trip since our real vacation had to be cancelled due to brain surgery.  The rest of the week was spent tidying the house, doing odd jobs, making sure Kassie ear infection had cleared up and finally finishing the porch construction that Wayne started at the beginning of summer (its beautiful by the way, he did a great job).

We were all set to leave early Monday morning, until Lena decided to make another trip to the ER on Sunday...

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Aug 15 2007


An ER Nap BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, So while I was gone with Kassie by Mom called my cell phone to say that Lena had just really scared her, she had thrown up, a lot, and seemed to stop breathing when she did it. She said she turned her over and slapped her back and she seemed fine again. Maxaman gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, i figured it was just a freak accident, after all she likes to choke herself by sticking her fingers too far into her mouth. Did I need to rush home, online buying Maxaman hcl. I was assures all was well and I could finish what I needed to do, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, get Kassie's medicine.

When I returned home all was well, Lena was back to normal and being her post-operative needy self, BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. So freak accident it was. We went on about our regular business, online buy Maxaman without a prescription, had supper fed, Buy Maxaman from mexico, the girls, put the girls down for their evening nap. Fed the girls again, purchase Maxaman online, put them to bed. Comprar en línea Maxaman, comprar Maxaman baratos, All was well and "normal". BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Definitely a freak occurrence. Boy was I wrong.

Lena woke up at 4am, where can i find Maxaman online. She woke up normally, Canada, mexico, india, acted normally etc until I fed her. When I started feeding her I felt something warm down my arm and a noise I had never heard her make before. I quickly realized she was gagging, BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. I turned her over and slapped her back, where to buy Maxaman. Everything was okay. Order Maxaman online c.o.d, Quick inventory, what just happened. She threw up, buy Maxaman no prescription, why. BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Not Sure. Buy generic Maxaman, Tried again. This time seemed go better. She ate 2.5oz then all of a sudden she was doing it again, rx free Maxaman, the noise and this time the vomit was larger and much more obvious what was occurring. Maxaman trusted pharmacy reviews, OK now I was scared. All I could hear in my head was the voice of the neurosurgeon, bring her in to the ER if she displays any signs of shunt failure such as increased irritability, vomiting..., BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. I DID NOT WANT TO TAKE HER BACK TO THE HOSPITAL WE JUST LEFT. I decided to wait and see what would happen, buy cheap Maxaman no rx. Maybe it was a freak thing. Buying Maxaman online over the counter, Maybe he tummy was just sore from all the drugs. BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, So I decided to keep her upright on my chest and stay up with her on the couch until I knew she was okay again.

We sat down on the couch and immediately I realized that she felt warmer than usual. Upstairs to get the thermometer, where can i order Maxaman without prescription. The second it went over "normal" I raced into our bedroom to tell Wayne that I could not wait until morning, Maxaman trusted pharmacy reviews, I had to take her to the hospital NOW. Now I was scared she was getting an infection of some sort. Great an infection in our brain surgery incision what could be worse, BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. I was freaking out, buy Maxaman from canada. Then, Real brand Maxaman online, she did it again, she threw up all over me a third time. Now I was really freaking, where can i buy cheapest Maxaman online. I called the ER and told them we were coming however, Maxaman gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, they informed me that they couldn't page the neurosurgeon until we got there. BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Mad dash to get all of our stuff, good thing I hadn't unpacked my bags yet. Wayne needed to stay home with Kassie and I needed someone in the back seat in case she threw up on the way, now I was scared she wold choke to death, buy cheap Maxaman. Wayne woke up Faith, Kjøpe Maxaman på nett, köpa Maxaman online, his oldest daughter and told her to go with me.

When we got there the neurosurgical resident was paged and her vitals were taken. The fever wasn't as bad as i thought, ordering Maxaman online. Good, BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. They gave her Tylenol and we waited. Order Maxaman from United States pharmacy, And waited. When the resident came he inspected her shunt and incision and all seemed to be good. Great, Maxaman from canadian pharmacy. BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, He gave her the once over and couldn't find anything wrong. No ear infection, Maxaman over the counter, no thrush no nothing. So we started talking flu or some other virus. He definitely didn't think it was the shunt, Maxaman price, coupon. But... just to be safe they wanted her to have another CT scan, blood work and a urine test before we went home, BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Rx free Maxaman, It was now 6:30am. The CT scan technicians didn't get to the hospital until 8am so we were in for a wait. The resident agreed with me however, buy Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, that we should try to do the scan with as little sedation etc as possible, Online buying Maxaman hcl, she had been given enough drugs in the last 48 hours. 

What a gong show of a day. I tell you communication between health care professionals leaves something to be desired. BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I knew what was going on better than the nurses did. The doctors would explain what they wanted done to me then give a reader's digest version to the nursing staff, order Maxaman no prescription. We didn't get our scan until almost 9:30am because the nursing staff thought they had to wait for a sedation order. Australia, uk, us, usa, I had to explain a few times. But Lena is a rock star and had her scan fully conscious again and did great. The technician, Jody is great, BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. I don't think too many of them would have agreed to even try, buy no prescription Maxaman online.

To summarize our day, Purchase Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, we spent a total of 7.5 hours at the hospital. Most of that time was spent waiting for someone or something. During that time I accompanied her on yet another CT scan and had the honor of holding my daughter down so that nurses and phlebitis's could torture her a total of 3 times, buy Maxaman from mexico. BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, The first time they tired to draw blood they tried the old fashioned way. They tried to use the same spot that they had used pre-operatively since she is such a hard poke and their aren't too many veins to find. Where to buy Maxaman, She screamed. They could not get a vein. No blood, purchase Maxaman. Then they tried to get enough from a heel poke, BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. She twisted and screamed until she was blue in the face and they could not get enough blood. The lady finally gave up. She called it a rest but she never came back. I put an end to that. BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I told the nurse to ask the doctor is he could do without the blood tests since a- she just had one the day before and the day before that b- she was herself again. Through all of that she had eaten 8oz, been tortured, screamed etc and had not so much as spit up (which is normal for her). They relented and we waited for the doctor to get out of surgery.

When we saw the surgeon again (not the resident) he decided that she looked and acted well enough that he could do without the blood tests, he still wanted the urine test and then we could go home. We discussed the possible causes of this very stressful ordeal. We decided the the cause was one of two things, a viral infection (which it didn't appear to be since she seemed fine now) or that the air trapped in her incision (that he had warned me post operatively can cause head aches) can also cause nausea in some people, BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. We think she is one of them. Good news but what a way to find out. He also reassured me that I did the right thing to bring her in, shunt failure symptoms are remarkably the same as the flu, when in doubt take her to the ER. So now as long as she has that shunt, every time she gets sick I will worry about whether she is just a kid being sick, or if we need brain surgery again. BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, The doctors and nurses say that preemies "catch up" by the time they are 2-3 years old. I think those studies related to older preemies. After reading and talking to other preemie families, micro preemies are always micro preemies, they just grow up. they never "catch up" the same as their peers. There is always something different to worry about, to be scared about and to wonder about. It makes me love them that much more. 

Do I have to take it Mom?

ps, BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Kassie doesn't really like to take her medicine. She tought she could try to hide from me. Would you want to force that face to take yucky medicine. Heart breaker I know.

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Aug 14 2007


BUY Gliclazide ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, So as you all have read, our appointment with the neurosurgeon didn't go exactly as planned. Lena had brain surgery at 10am on Thursday August 9th, order Gliclazide from mexican pharmacy. Buy Gliclazide no prescription, The cyst that had been compressing the right side of her brain was broken apart (cyst fenestration) so that it could drain through the ventricle and out the shunt. Our neurosurgeon felt that while he was operating it was also best to change her shunt valve to a new one that is more resistant to infection as well as perforate her 3rd ventricle, online buy Gliclazide without a prescription, Gliclazide for sale, next to her blocked aqua duct (the reason for the hydrocephalus in the first place) so that maybe one day we can remove the shunt all together (that would be great then I won't have to be a basket case every time she gets sick).

Our little Lena (not so little at 15lbs) was a rock star, canada, mexico, india. She recovered from surgery very well, though she thought she should take advantage of the sleepy medicine and stay sleeping with the recovery room nurses for almost 2 hours after surgery, BUY Gliclazide ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Where to buy Gliclazide, When they sent us upstairs to Pediatrics I just about wished she had decided to sleep some more. The nurses up there are a little more picky about how IVs are taped and supported etc so they spent a good 15 minutes re-taping etc, buy cheap Gliclazide no rx. Where can i buy Gliclazide online, I was almost in tears. The IV was on her ankle (it was obvious the anesthesiologist had tried several spots) and was not a good one so they really wanted to make sure it would hold until morning when her antibiotics were done, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. BUY Gliclazide ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, It hurt her tough, she screamed and screamed it was everything I had to let them keep going. Fast shipping Gliclazide, I had to remind myself about every nanosecond that this was better than an infection and she needed the drugs. Finally about half way through the ordeal someone clued in that she could use some pain relief and gave her some morphine, buy Gliclazide without a prescription. Gliclazide samples, She ate a little and slept and very deep sleep for a long time. The nurse and I decided that we would attempt to manage her pain with Tylenol after the morphine had worn off and add codeine if necessary due to the fact that the morphine knocked her out so cold she was breathing a little to slowly and needing a little extra oxygen. 

When she finally woke up for real at about 2:30am she was my Lena again, comprar en línea Gliclazide, comprar Gliclazide baratos, Order Gliclazide online c.o.d, making gurgling noises etc., she even gave me a smile, buy Gliclazide online cod. Less than 24 hours after brain surgery and she was smiling, BUY Gliclazide ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Buy Gliclazide without prescription, What a rock star. So the surgeon had said that as soon as she fully woke up, purchase Gliclazide online, Order Gliclazide online overnight delivery no prescription, was eating, her pain was easily managed and we had a CT scan that showed everything was working as it should, where can i find Gliclazide online, Buy generic Gliclazide, we could go home. At 2:30 in the morning I was hopeful that we would go home later that day (Friday), online buy Gliclazide without a prescription. Where to buy Gliclazide, On rounds that morning the neurosurgery residents came by and told the nurses she could come off the monitors and have her IV taken out (it was bugging her). BUY Gliclazide ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, When our surgeon came by he said that she was to have a CT scan that morning and if all was well we could go home. I was anxious to get it done and go home, real brand Gliclazide online. Buying Gliclazide online over the counter, Did I Have to Get Out?

When I had talked to my Mom she said Kassie was really out of sorts, just not her happy go lucky self, Gliclazide trusted pharmacy reviews. Gliclazide price, coupon, She thought Kassie was really missing us and knew something was not right. I could hear her fussing in the background and it made my stomach hurt to know that she was upset and I couldn't do anything to help, rx free Gliclazide. I hate having to choose one over the other like that, BUY Gliclazide ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Order Gliclazide from mexican pharmacy, When Wayne went home she seemed to be better and played with Daddy before bed. I felt a bit better but was anxious to go home and have both of my girls together again, buy Gliclazide from mexico. Order Gliclazide no prescription, So there we were Friday morning waiting for a CT scan. Now, australia, uk, us, usa, Order Gliclazide from United States pharmacy, usually when they do scans on these little ones they like to have them sedated or knocked right out. BUY Gliclazide ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, So when the nurse called down to see when we could go for our scan and told me that we could go any time but that the Dr had forgotten to write orders for the sleepy medicine I was a little ticked. So we waited, where can i order Gliclazide without prescription. Order Gliclazide online c.o.d, The nurse assured me she was just as impatient as me and that she would be on them to come up and write the order. Lena was ready for a nap, buy cheap Gliclazide, Purchase Gliclazide ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, timing was perfect and all we could do was wait. When she fell asleep I asked the nurse to call th CT technician to see if they would do it while she slept (they had before, fast shipping Gliclazide, Gliclazide gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, why not now?). They gave us the go ahead, BUY Gliclazide ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. YEAH, where can i find Gliclazide online. Buy Gliclazide without a prescription, So we go to the CT room and the second I put her down on the bed she wakes up and won't go back to sleep, 15 minutes napper. She was very still though so the technician suggested we see what she would do if we tried to do the scan with her awake. Lena was a SUPER ROCK STAR. BUY Gliclazide ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, She was great, she didn't move a muscle. I stood by her and held her soother and she was perfectly still (with the help of a foam bed and some blankets). So with the scan done all we had to do was wait for the surgeon to view the scan and discharge us home. YEAH. I  was so proud of her, my 6/9 month old having a CT scan fully awake, my big brave girl.   

Did I Have to Get Out?

The surgeon came back in record time and sent us home with the usual shunt type instructions, any pain, excessive irritability, vomiting etc bring her back to the ER for possible shut failure. Good to go, we got out of there fast before they could change their minds, BUY Gliclazide ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION.

Not 10 minutes after we got home, Kassie woke up from her nap. Mom wanted to see her face when she saw me so we all trucked up stairs to get her out of bed. I didn't get the reaction I expected. Sign number one something was not right. BUY Gliclazide ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, She looked at me gave me half a smile and whined. Not my Kassie. So I picked her up and we cuddled and for 45 minutes all she did was cuddle in and whine. Something was not right, off to the doctor's office with baby #2. Diagnosis, ear infection and a mild case of thrush. Off to the pharmacy to get our drugs, BUY Gliclazide ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. No wonder my little Angel was upset her mouth and her ear hurt. Poor Baby, and all she did was whine. Mom said she didn't even cry. Mom has had thrush as an adult she says it HURTS. BUY Gliclazide ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, OK so now that that mystery has been solved hopefully every thing can return to normal in our house. Nope that would be too easy. A late night trip to the ER was still in the cards I just didn't know it yet.

To Be continued ... (Two Babies need my attention. I really meant to put the whole story in one post, however things don't always work out when your life is controlled by the needs of not one but two little people. Did I mention they are both sick. ) .

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Aug 09 2007


Lenacollage_2 BUY Ansaid ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, See those gorgeous eyes?  That's little Miss Lena and you're going to be seeing a lot more of that awesome gaze very soon. Me, where can i buy cheapest Ansaid online. Purchase Ansaid online, I'm the twins' biggest fan. If you've been reading along, buy no prescription Ansaid online, Ansaid samples, you know that Lena (and her Mommy and Daddy) went to see the neurosurgeon again on Tuesday. 

They were really hoping Lena wouldn't need surgery again. The knot was pretty big in her Mommy's tummy, where can i buy Ansaid online. Because who wants to see their baby go for surgery, you know, BUY Ansaid ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Comprar en línea Ansaid, comprar Ansaid baratos, At first the neurosurgeon wasn't sure if they should do surgery again or not.  As you may have noticed in the photos, Lena's eyes tend to drift downward a lot.  The doctors were not sure if there was still pressure from fluid on her brain causing the drifting, buy Ansaid no prescription, Purchase Ansaid, or whether it was her eyes.  So off to the ophthalmologist they went. 

The ophthalmologist said there is nothing wrong with Lena's eyes, which was good news.., where to buy Ansaid. Buy Ansaid from canada, but it meant that they needed to go ahead with surgery once more, which was not the news they were hoping for, Ansaid over the counter. Ordering Ansaid online, Lena's surgery was this morning, and I am happy to say the surgery went well, kjøpe Ansaid på nett, köpa Ansaid online. Order Ansaid online overnight delivery no prescription, Lena and her Mommy are in the recovery room right now and Kassie is at home with her Daddy -- probably yelling at him to go get Mommy and Lena because she misses them. BUY Ansaid ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Lena's mommy brought her camera so she could share photos with all of us when she gets home. Hopefully, buy cheap Ansaid no rx, Buy Ansaid without prescription, that will be sometime tomorrow.

Would you do me a favor?  Post a comment and send Lena all your love and best wishes for a speedy recovery.  Like the care bear stare, Ansaid for sale, Buy generic Ansaid, you know?  Lots of love (and blog comments) beaming out to her to help her heal because she's still a little groggy and not feeling so good. The power of love and belief and caring really do make a difference.  And I know it would do their Mommy good to see your messages of caring when she gets home, buy Ansaid online cod, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, too. 

If you have a blog, please feel welcome to post a link to this post and ask your readers to send good wishes, buy Ansaid ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Ansaid from canadian pharmacy, too. And next time you need some good karma sent your way, online buying Ansaid hcl, Canada, mexico, india, just let us know and we'd be happy to do the same in return.  Because caring really is what makes the world go around. 

posted with love by
Auntie Linda

P.S.  And very special thanks to Korrina for allowing me to log into her blog to update you before she got back from the hospital. I am touched and honored.  And now I can log in and post jokes when she's not expecting it, buy Ansaid no prescription. Buy Ansaid without prescription, heh, heh.  (kidding)  xox   , buy Ansaid without a prescription. Buy Ansaid online cod. Ansaid from canadian pharmacy. Where can i buy Ansaid online. Online buying Ansaid hcl. Real brand Ansaid online. Order Ansaid from mexican pharmacy. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Order Ansaid no prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Ansaid online. Buy Ansaid from canada. Ordering Ansaid online. Purchase Ansaid ONLINE WITHOUT prescription. Ansaid gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

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Aug 06 2007


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Aug 04 2007


My little helper

BUY Zoloft ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, "it is hard to be brave," said piglet, sniffing slightly, "when you're only a Very Small Animal." rabbit, who had begun to write very busily, looked up and said: "it is because you are a very small animal that you will be useful in the adventure before us!" - A.A. Order Zoloft online overnight delivery no prescription, Milne

I found the above quote today on another micro preemie blog and I couldn't resist, it just fits, buy generic Zoloft. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, I suppose after venting my fears and frustrations about Lena's CT scan I should update everyone. Lena was a rock star and so was her Mommy, ordering Zoloft online. Rx free Zoloft, I went the conservative route and decided to do the whole fasting thing, just in case, buy Zoloft without a prescription. Lena was great, she was only a little whinny but as long as I held her she was happy so we got in lots of cuddles Tuesday morning, BUY Zoloft ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Kjøpe Zoloft på nett, köpa Zoloft online, As soon as we got there I informed the nurses that I did not want her anesthetized and why and that I wanted to speak to the anesthesiologist. They understood my concerns and paged the anesthesiologist to come and see us, where can i buy cheapest Zoloft online. Purchase Zoloft, So just before we were to go sown they came up to speak to us. The anesthesiologist that day was a very nice, where can i order Zoloft without prescription, Order Zoloft from mexican pharmacy, young lady. BUY Zoloft ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, She completely understood my concern and agreed that if it could be done without anesthetic that it should be done that way. So chlorolhydrate it was, where can i buy Zoloft online. Order Zoloft from United States pharmacy, Lena was so tired by that time she would have fallen asleep for anything. She went down right away and the whole ordeal was over in 10 min, buy Zoloft no prescription. Buying Zoloft online over the counter, The Dr wanted her to wake up in recovery though just in case she needed extra oxygen or anything, then we could go back to Day Surgery and go home, comprar en línea Zoloft, comprar Zoloft baratos.

My little doll had been so tired before the drugs though that she was just having a great nap, BUY Zoloft ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Buy Zoloft from canada, The nurse in recovery had to wake her up 2 hours later (no big deal all she had to do was pick her up and she looked up at the nurse and charmed her way right into her heart). We then went back up to the Day Surgery unit, Zoloft for sale, Buy no prescription Zoloft online, fed her and went home. (well that's not quite it, buy Zoloft from mexico, Purchase Zoloft online, I had a few concerns about the cleanliness of the unit and sanitary precautions that I felt were not being taken but if I get started on that this will be a VERY LONG post).

I however am VERY TIRED, buy cheap Zoloft, Zoloft trusted pharmacy reviews, we had a day full of teething and NOT napping due to teething so I am going to have a bath and go to bed so that I can do it all over again tomorrow. YEAH - teeth are over rated, online buying Zoloft hcl. Purchase Zoloft ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, I will post all about it tomorrow I promise. I guess I am also over due for more cute twin pics, buy Zoloft without prescription, Buy cheap Zoloft no rx, hopefully they will cooperate. Where can i find Zoloft online. Australia, uk, us, usa. Where to buy Zoloft. Real brand Zoloft online. Zoloft gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Purchase Zoloft. Where can i buy cheapest Zoloft online. Australia, uk, us, usa. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Order Zoloft from mexican pharmacy. Buy Zoloft without a prescription. Zoloft price, coupon. Zoloft samples.

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Aug 04 2007


Micropreemie Feet

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Eleanor and Adam
^Olivia^ and Hallie
Serena and Edwin
Olivia and Avery

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Aug 03 2007


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